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Institutional Video

Learn more about UIC.

To learn more about our college you are invited to view our institutional video in our YouTube channel.  

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Become your own boss at UIC.

UIC can make a difference in your life by giving you the tools to become an entrepreneur.

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English as a Second Language

Learn English and Speak with Confidence. Form I-20 for international students available.   

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Our Blog

Communications Students Shadow Production of ...
Communications Students Shadow Production of ...

The students of UIC were invited to visit the studios of Sierralta Entertainment located in Wynwood-...

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ESL Program Elegible for Financial Aid ...
ESL Program Elegible for Financial Aid ...

The United States Department of Education has approved the English as a Second Language (ESL) Progra...

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Graduating Entrepreneurs...
Graduating Entrepreneurs...

Seven students graduated with an Associate Degree in Small Business Administration, two with a Degre...

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